Thinking inside the box: Cargill delivers for cocoa community in Ghana

Cargill tweeted me this story and I was happy to give it blogspace. There are times (many in fact) when it seems to me that shipping and the extractive industries it serves are something of a one-way street in terms of taking rather than giving back. One might call this a somewhat cynical exercise in [more…]

M2M and mad cows – through the mobility looking glass

Can satellite ever really go mainstream? It’s a nice idea, but one that has already claimed some scalps among those who have modelled the concept only to find the reality rather different. Two of those (fully resuscitated) examples were present on the MSS CEO panel at Satellite 2014 along with Inmarsat and Thuraya. Iridium and [more…]

Is technology sexist? ‘course not darling…

Ada Lovelace was the first female geek. Nowadays acclaimed as the equal of mathematical innovator Charles Babbage, it took decades for her to achieve recognition for writing the first algorithm for Babbage’s mechanical leviathan, the Difference Engine. Even so, she’s hardly a household name, unlike the boys that mostly run tech businesses these days or [more…]

Maritime HTS: revolution or business as usual?

To mark the publication of its most recent maritime analysis, Maritime Satellite Markets on Cusp of Bandwidth Revolution, I asked Senior NSR Analyst Brad Grady to give MaritimeInsight readers an introduction to the report. With the level of background noise down a little this year – how should owners prepare for the introduction of High [more…]

Futurenautics, e-nautics and the shape of maritime technology to come…

Research considering the future of shipping is flavour of the moment, but argues guest columnist Roger Adamson of Stark Moore McMillan, it fails to get to grips with technology. Luckily there’s an App for that… Earlier this year, Lloyd’s Register together with Qinetiq and the University of Strathclyde published the Global Marine Trends 2030 report. [more…]

‘Following a ship around with a satellite beam is not a business’

In part two of my conversation with consultant, analyst and blogger Tim Farrar, we dive a little deeper into the undergrowth: what the HTS upgrade path looks like and how to tell perception from reality, how the recent competition stacks up to the incumbent and what new opportunities may be out there for those prepared [more…]

“Stop, hey what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down”

In real shooting wars, spring is traditionally the start of campaigning season. Soldiers emerge from their dugouts and form up, ready to receive orders of the new offensive. Weapons are cleaned and primed, provisions re-stocked, maps updated. In maritime communications almost the opposite is happening. Having fought a year-long campaign in 2012 and a bitter [more…]

Shipping’s money men get a lesson in seafaring

Below is the follow-up installment of my ongoing grapple with social media and the image of shipping for my BIMCO column.Perhaps no great revelations here but kudos to Citi’s Robert Parker for asking the question and Scorpio’s Robert Bugbee for telling it like it is. Marine Money is an orthodox institution in an unholy sea [more…]