Smart Shipping

Shipping is not having a ‘Weinstein moment’, but maybe it should

With the debate raging about the conduct of those in high office and positions of power and how to hold them to account, it seems we are in autumn of discontent. And rightly so. Accusations of personal misconduct, the abuse of authority and the ability of the rich to avoid tax have combined with the [more…]

Education, Technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The future of shipping requires that we invest in education and skills with the same enthusiasm as we embrace technology The fourth industrial revolution – that is, the digital technology revolution – should not be defined within the maritime industry by technology alone. Rather, it should also promote education and training, seek poverty alleviation and knowledge [more…]


New skills, old problems: the crewing crisis in a competency context

The shipping industry has a worsening crewing crisis. But like other crises, it’s one that is bad, but not severe enough to stop ships trading or interrupt world trade. The degree of the problem is well known. The BIMCO/ISF study estimates the current shortfall to be 16,500 officers, projected to grow to 92,000 by 2020 [more…]