Out of Orbit

It’s going to be about the data – but whose?

The future of shipping will in part, be about data. Big data. We know this because there are a lot of people telling us so. And some of them are in a position to influence outcomes. When the IMO secretary-general held a Symposium on Ship Safety ahead of the most recent Maritime Safety Committee, the [more…]

Thuraya and ITU provide powerful partnership in disaster relief

I wrote the following for Thuraya based on an interview with the ITU discussing their work providing connectivity to disaster relief zones – good work that has been recognised with the first award of the ITU Humanitarian Award last year. In the first minutes and hours following a natural disaster, the terror of what has [more…]

Shipping’s money men get a lesson in seafaring

Below is the follow-up installment of my ongoing grapple with social media and the image of shipping for my BIMCO column.Perhaps no great revelations here but kudos to Citi’s Robert Parker for asking the question and Scorpio’s Robert Bugbee for telling it like it is. Marine Money is an orthodox institution in an unholy sea [more…]

How Social Media has outsourced the ‘Image of Shipping’ debate

My recent monthly article for BIMCO garnered more interest than usual – perhaps because it mentioned the mighty Maersk Line and its adventures in Social Media. Either way the subsequent Marine Money conference saw the closing panellists (the Dynasties of the Sea) make a detour away from finance and into the image of shipping. A [more…]

Does shipping have an Aaron Swartz? Maybe it needs one

This is one of those articles – an obituary in fact – that you read, then re-read with growing attention and which sets you thinking. You think ‘what a waste of a brilliant brain’ but I don’t know enough about him to make judgements about that. What I wondered was – what would a shipping [more…]

‘Good decision making is the core skill of the digital age, because the digital world allows people to gather information on an unprecedented scale’

Technology blogger Nick Harkaway in the Browser’s Five Books Interview earlier this year. Some of the most cogent and constructive words I have heard on technology, its effect on us and our likely responses. Some of his points are the kind of thing I was driving at recently about thinking about technology and its application [more…]