Future of Shipping

Reinventing the maritime IT department – and why it can’t come soon enough

The trip to Athens and the DigitalShip conference was time well spent. Not only was the affair free from score-settling and rabble rousing, it had a practical programme reflecting the state of the maritime IT industry and looking at where it has to go in future. I began the week by asking here why we [more…]

Ku or Ka? Wide or Narrow? Clarity or… More on Intelsat’s maritime ambitions

In the second part of my interview with James Collett, Director Mobility Services at Intelsat, we talk more on coverage, capacity and confidence from the buyer’s and user’s viewpoints. There is also some de-mystification on the subject of Ku and Ka bands and even a view on why clarity matters more than mudslinging. MI: Coming [more…]

What happens in Rotterdam, Singapore, Athens, Houston…

The publication last week of ShipServ’s annual survey on the use of e-commerce and social media in shipping immediately put me in mind of one of my favourite pieces of internet video. Depending on your business area and age group it’s either old hat or an absolute jaw-dropper. I use it as part of media [more…]

Now that I have your attention…

It was a typically bravura performance. Inmarsat gathered 100 or so of its close friends –  DPs, SPs and interested parties – to a ‘Maritime Update’ at SMM 2012, in the process no doubt hoping to lay to rest a pretty tortuous first half with some banner announcements. And they didn’t disappoint. Inmarsat Maritime CEO [more…]

The more things change…

The future is already here, sci-fi sage William Gibson once mused, it just isn’t very well distributed yet. He might just have been talking about maritime satcoms if such a subject wasn’t a bit a mundane for the man who coined the term cyberspace. In one of Gibson’s later books, a character bemused by the [more…]

You’ve never had it so good – as long as you aren’t at sea

To judge by many of the presentations at the Global VSAT Forum event in London last week, the shipping industry has never had it so good – in terms of communications at least. Prices are falling, choice is broadening and access to social media is growing, overturning decades in which patchy and expensive communications were [more…]

You want to get where? Well, I wouldn’t start from here…

Intermanager secretary-general Kuba Szymanski has what might be described as a ‘combative’ style. This is the man who once made a presentation on risk management comparing the chartering process to dating his teenage daughter, leaving no-one in any doubt on what would be required to prove one’s suitability. He’s no stranger to a challenge either. [more…]

GVF VSAT Forum programme – Day 2

Day Two – 28 June 0800-0900 – Registration & Refreshments 0900-0905 Welcome & Day Two Opening Remarks from the Chair Martin Jarrold, Chief, International Programme Development, GVF 0905-0925 On the Horizon: Emerging Trends in the Maritime Communications Marketplace Roger Adamson, Chief Executive, Stark Moore Macmillan & Chairman, International Maritime Sales & Marketing Association 0925-0930 – [more…]