Is technology sexist? ‘course not darling…

Ada Lovelace was the first female geek. Nowadays acclaimed as the equal of mathematical innovator Charles Babbage, it took decades for her to achieve recognition for writing the first algorithm for Babbage’s mechanical leviathan, the Difference Engine. Even so, she’s hardly a household name, unlike the boys that mostly run tech businesses these days or [more…]

A carrot-shaped stick

Last week’s publication by investment bank Morgan Stanley of a report which polled three industry professionals on their views on FSS market prospects has caused a flutter or two, given its conclusion that the sector has entered a ‘no-growth’ cycle, with returns likely to decline over the next few years. Fortunately at least for Inmarsat, Intelsat, [more…]

It’s going to be about the data – but whose?

The future of shipping will in part, be about data. Big data. We know this because there are a lot of people telling us so. And some of them are in a position to influence outcomes. When the IMO secretary-general held a Symposium on Ship Safety ahead of the most recent Maritime Safety Committee, the [more…]