‘Following a ship around with a satellite beam is not a business’

In part two of my conversation with consultant, analyst and blogger Tim Farrar, we dive a little deeper into the undergrowth: what the HTS upgrade path looks like and how to tell perception from reality, how the recent competition stacks up to the incumbent and what new opportunities may be out there for those prepared [more…]

Lights out for the territory

During last week’s Nor-Shipping when the talk was mostly of offshore support vessels and optimisation, a small but significant nugget slipped into the public domain. Amid all the kite-flying about Arctic shipping, sub-sea risk management and the Northern Sea Route, it emerged that this week’s Maritime Safety Committee at the IMO will include a submission [more…]

Not the end of history: some ruminations on maritime communications

Tim Farrar is an analyst and blogger who has been covering the satellite industry since the mid-1990s. We had crossed paths before, notably discussing his End of History blog and when he posted again about Inmarsat‘s moves in maritime, the time seemed right to have a proper chat with the man for his views on the [more…]