Who’s afraid of disruptive change?

Guest contributor Kevin Tester of Marine IT and Electronics has kindly shared this post written to cover the recent Gordon Hodge Memorial Lecture given by Nick Lambert of the UKHO. Lambert makes some interesting points – some indeed already covered by yours truly on the Admiralty blog over the last couple of years – that [more…]

A Rake Too Far?

Trying to keep my head above water pre-Nor-Shipping but I was passed this blog post by a longtime colleague who drew a parallel with the Inmarsat Service Enablement Platform which will manage access to software and services once Global Xpress is up and running. This was with the benefit of his company having been involved [more…]

So poke me. Do seafarers really need always-on communications at sea?

In the second part of my interview with Intermanager Secretary General Kuba Szymanski we get off topic. That is to say, beyond Intermanager’s work with VSAT vendors and into an area of arguably greatest interest for maritime satellite providers: crew communications and the use of social media onboard ship. The latter appears to have the [more…]

Smarter shipping means having communications you can rely on

The opportunity for a conversation with Intermanager Secretary General Kuba Szymanski is not to be missed, but you do have to pick your moment. True, he is to be seen on many a conference platform, but he is equally likely to be en route to another airport and the other side of the world, or [more…]