Shipping’s money men get a lesson in seafaring

Below is the follow-up installment of my ongoing grapple with social media and the image of shipping for my BIMCO column.Perhaps no great revelations here but kudos to Citi’s Robert Parker for asking the question and Scorpio’s Robert Bugbee for telling it like it is. Marine Money is an orthodox institution in an unholy sea [more…]

The battle lines are drawn – but who really wins?

Next week sees the DigitalShip conference bandwagon land in Hamburg and the scene is set for another confrontation in the ongoing battle between Inmarsat, shipowners and competing vendors on the issue of price rises on its PAYG and E&E services. I should declare an interest immediately and say that DigitalShip has invited me to chair [more…]

Satcoms buyer – heal thyself

Kevin Tester of MITE was right to warn last week that buyers tread a minefield in specifying maritime satellite communications systems. There has never been greater choice in terms of airtime, band and bandwidth, hardware and value-add solutions and never more clamouring voices trying to flog you unlimited this and unrestricted that. I’d like to [more…]