How Social Media has outsourced the ‘Image of Shipping’ debate

My recent monthly article for BIMCO garnered more interest than usual – perhaps because it mentioned the mighty Maersk Line and its adventures in Social Media. Either way the subsequent Marine Money conference saw the closing panellists (the Dynasties of the Sea) make a detour away from finance and into the image of shipping. A [more…]

Does shipping have an Aaron Swartz? Maybe it needs one

This is one of those articles – an obituary in fact – that you read, then re-read with growing attention and which sets you thinking. You think ‘what a waste of a brilliant brain’ but I don’t know enough about him to make judgements about that. What I wondered was – what would a shipping [more…]

Making the maritime satcom market an easier sell for the bandwidth vendors

I caught up with Roger Adamson, chief executive of maritime marketing specialist Stark Moore McMillan just before Christmas after an extended bout of email and phone tag. It’s a testament to how in demand are his services these days. Adamson has a wealth of experience maritime and satcoms experience, including stints with Rydex and Setfair [more…]