Eyes on the future of e-Navigation

How far we are looking ahead in the maritime industry is a topic I’ve tried to unpack over the last couple of weeks and the results so far have conformed more to short term problem-solving than long term strategic needs. So it was a matter of good timing that the Economist included an article on [more…]

From the New York Times – Japan’s Crisis of the Mind

“Japan’s ability to imitate outside models was mistaken for progress. But if progress is defined by pursuing a vision of a desirable future, then the Japanese never progressed.” “What we had was a concept of order and placement, which is essentially stasis,” says Masaru Tamamoto. Read the full article here. It’s a grim tale in [more…]

Astrium-Inmarsat GX: it’s on – as far as we can tell

In case you don’t get the DigitalShip newsletter – and you really should – here is today’s story on the Astrium-Inmarsat GX tie-up. http://www.thedigitalship.com/conferences/2006/displaynews.php?NewsID=2462& Just how an MOU differs from a firm agreement remains to be seen but as Tim Farrar pointed out this afternoon it looks more like a capacity lease agreement than a [more…]

Can we make crew internet access work? Yes we can!

Reminding ourselves just how few seafarers have anything like real internet access is good means of self-flagellation and of remembering there are many people less fortunate than ourselves. But I think it’s time to stop playing that tune. It’s a bit of a one-noter for one thing and the fact is that the barriers to [more…]