Further on up the road…

Do we spend enough time thinking about the future? I’m not just talking about the next quarter or the next six months, but the really big picture, the kind of blue sky thinking that lets your imagination take off the fetters and consider what might actually might be coming next.It might seem not just blue [more…]

What happens in Rotterdam, Singapore, Athens, Houston…

The publication last week of ShipServ’s annual survey on the use of e-commerce and social media in shipping immediately put me in mind of one of my favourite pieces of internet video. Depending on your business area and age group it’s either old hat or an absolute jaw-dropper. I use it as part of media [more…]

Inmarsat signs SingTel as first VAR for Global Xpress in Asia

The following has just been released by Inmarsat – analysis follows but news waits for no man… SINGTEL SIGNS INMARSAT GLOBAL XPRESS® VALUE ADDED RESELLER AGREEMENT Singapore Telecommunications  signs with Inmarsat for  Global Xpress® First Telco in Asia to be appointed a Global Xpress Value Added Reseller Latest endorsement from the market for Inmarsat’s service [more…]

The end of history redux

I have kept being drawn back to a post on analyst Tim Farrar’s blog, entitled ‘MSS – the end of history?’ but I wasn’t sure why. It couldn’t just be because it tipped its hat to Francis Fukuyama’s famously wayward assertion about the triumph of western liberal democracy signalling an evolutionary and societal end point [more…]