Why a complicated business needs a simple plan

When Frank Coles, Inmarsat Maritime CEO stood up at the satellite communications provider’s recent investor day, he had probably the toughest task and in some ways the simplest too. Tough because the maritime sector, the mainstay of Inmarsat’s revenues, is in a terrible place financially, a situation that has persisted now for going on four [more…]

Keep your rocket science simple – and your satellites on schedule

The news reported on Satlaunch 19 October that Inmarsat’s GX satellites, the I-5s could be delayed until late 2013 could prove an embarrassing knock to the GX programme, if hardly fatal. No source is cited for the news and no explanation for the delay but this will doubtless give more succour to the small but [more…]

GX projections keep Inmarsat bandwagon rolling along

Last week’s Inmarsat Investor Day has received reasonably positive reviews from analysts and observers, with the headlines taken by the deal with CISCO to build the ‘enablement platform’ for GX (which may or may not include shopping via satellite) and the group’s optimistic take on Global Xpress as the platform of choice for future mobile [more…]

Strange days indeed…

It’s been an exciting seven days on MaritimeInsight, though it’s taken a while to get the words to the page. To start with, we finally learned what’s eating Jim Dodez and it seems hell hath no fury like a DP scorned. If you are not a member of the many satellite-related LinkedIn Groups to which [more…]

Marlink: Inmarsat Global Xpress part of the mix – but not at any price

As DigitalShip’s Rob O’Dwyer pointed out at the Marlink-Astrium SMM press conference, without Marlink, Inmarsat is going to struggle to sell its Global Xpress VSAT offering. But as O’Dwyer also noted, Marlink needs Inmarsat too, despite its market penetration – it claims that one in every two ships sailing uses data provided via Vizada or [more…]