Staying in the game is more important than the shape of the ball

Inmarsat was far from the only game in town at the recent SMM widget-fest. Its partners and suppliers were also keen to have their say and reinforce the theory that this will be a long game with no simple winner and multiple routes to glory. Even Inmarsat’s occasional nemesis Alan Gottleib used his most recent [more…]

SmartShipping – Singapore Shipping

Next month sees the shipping city of Singapore get smarter. SmartShipping, the NHST event returns for its second year on October 18, promising to bring together some of the industry’s most creative thinkers to address, well, the pressing topics of the day. If that doesn’t sound too different from the regular run of the mill [more…]

Speak loudly (and carry a small stick)

Inmarsat’s ‘Maritime Update’ at SMM was clearly for the benefit of partners but there were broader messages too, aimed at bolstering its position against the emerging competition in the maritime space. Hence Rupert Pearce being invited to point out that Inmarsat was a mere 2.5 times leveraged, significantly less he said than the competition, even [more…]

Now that I have your attention…

It was a typically bravura performance. Inmarsat gathered 100 or so of its close friends –  DPs, SPs and interested parties – to a ‘Maritime Update’ at SMM 2012, in the process no doubt hoping to lay to rest a pretty tortuous first half with some banner announcements. And they didn’t disappoint. Inmarsat Maritime CEO [more…]