The more things change…

The future is already here, sci-fi sage William Gibson once mused, it just isn’t very well distributed yet. He might just have been talking about maritime satcoms if such a subject wasn’t a bit a mundane for the man who coined the term cyberspace. In one of Gibson’s later books, a character bemused by the [more…]

Shurat HaDin – the second coming

Fans of economic sanctions against Iran will have read here and elsewhere that Israeli legal lobbyist Shurat HaDin has Inmarsat in its crosshairs for alleged infringements of US trade rules. Further to Inmarsat’s brush-off of the group’s letter and some media articles in which it appeared to confirm that its equipment – mostly Inmarsat B, [more…]

Intelsat EPIC under the spotlight

The era of HTS communications is coming ever closer, with players including Inmarsat, Iridium, Intelsat and newcomer O3B all planning launches of next generation satellite capacity in coming years. Just how much of that capacity actually gets launched remains to be seen, but the difference this makes for the maritime industry is that for the [more…]

They did what they had to do

Inmarsat has succeeded in growing maritime data revenues in the first half of 2012, thanks to the elimination of volume discounts on its E&E services and the price rise on pay-as-you-go FleetBroadband services implemented earlier this year. The company reported ‘strong take up’ of its FleetBroadband service with 4,305 terminals added in the first half, [more…]