No man can serve two masters

We’re adopting a biblical theme this week after the Israeli lobby group Shurat HaDin sought to bring down the wrath of the righteous upon the head of Inmarsat for alleging it was “a direct participator in Iran’s terrorist activities and nuclear weapons program”. In a letter to Inmarsat, the group warned it “against providing prohibited [more…]

More threats (and opportunities) for the VSAT vendors

A final dispatch from the recent GVF seminar in London, not because it didn’t bear reporting sooner, more that it might serve as a springboard going forward. Amid optimistic forecasts of a doubling of maritime satellite communications terminals over the next decade and the rush towards High Throughput Satellite offerings by Inmarsat, Intelsat, O3B and [more…]

Globecomm Maritime helps Pacific rower Charlie Martell pull through

The latest news from my client Globecomm Maritime – one good turn deserves another and this guy spent a lot of time upside down. Charlie Martell had no illusions about rowing single-handed across the Northern Pacific but as a Royal Engineer Commando, he is clearly a man who relishes a challenge. In setting out from [more…]

You’ve never had it so good – as long as you aren’t at sea

To judge by many of the presentations at the Global VSAT Forum event in London last week, the shipping industry has never had it so good – in terms of communications at least. Prices are falling, choice is broadening and access to social media is growing, overturning decades in which patchy and expensive communications were [more…]

You want to get where? Well, I wouldn’t start from here…

Intermanager secretary-general Kuba Szymanski has what might be described as a ‘combative’ style. This is the man who once made a presentation on risk management comparing the chartering process to dating his teenage daughter, leaving no-one in any doubt on what would be required to prove one’s suitability. He’s no stranger to a challenge either. [more…]