When a Tom Hanks movie just isn’t enough

Proving there is absolutely no-one like an American for a highly developed sense of bathos, it seems that more than half the crew of Maersk Alabama have decided that resisting pirates, being rescued by Navy Seals and immortalisation by Hollywood just aren’t enough by way of fame and have decided to sue Maersk for putting [more…]

Intelsat unveils IPO plans – yes you read it here too

OK so we’re hardly the first with this – and frankly not the most insightful at this stage but here’s some news the market has been expecting – . We’ll come back to this in due course – not least because opinion seems to be a little divided as to whether this is interesting or [more…]

LOLCATS good: wonky self-publishing, not so much

The internet, I think we can agree is a marvellous thing. It has transformed our lives, allowing us to interact with handheld devices rather than talk to boring people and to access video of animals doing amusing things at high speed and relatively low cost. The shopping is pretty good and it has serious applications [more…]

Frank Coles interview Part 3 – Inmarsat will compete to survive

So far Inmarsat Maritime president Frank Coles has put up a robust defence of the company’s strategy and an informed one too. His time served at SP GlobeWireless, where he sold Inmarsat and its alternatives, gave him enough of an insight into how the company worked to make his move there to run the maritime [more…]

Frank Coles Interview Part 2 – the move into VSAT in context

Perhaps because it is a company that made its reputation in provision of L-Band services, Inmarsat appeared slow to spot the move towards maritime VSAT. It was not alone – I remember maritime consultants of various stripes telling me that broadband on merchant vessels would never happen, especially not the high-end VSAT services then used [more…]

Inmarsat’s Frank Coles on value, competition and fiery pitchforks

To say that Inmarsat is in the spotlight at present is an understatement. Successive waves of vested commercial interest, personal opinions and a dose of righteous Greek indignation have been washing around its feet after the communications giant announced a wave of price rises effective May 1. I took the opportunity to talk to president [more…]