Straight talk and tough love on ECDIS

I write a monthly column for BIMCO on similar subjects to those covered here. Every now and again I throw all the toys out of my pram and usually encounter a polite refusal to publish. I honestly thought the same thing would happen here but I’m pleased to say BIMCO came through and published the [more…]

Inmarsat finally gets a right to reply…

Interesting to read Frank Coles, president of Inmarsat Maritime making a strong riposte to the AMMITEC letter in the latest issue of DigitalShip (, which along with MaritimeInsight has at least provided some balance to the more numerous but far more partisan forums elsewhere. It’s been a sobering process to watch Inmarsat’s competitors and their [more…]

More positional play pre-Global Xpress

While a few lone voices in the satellite communications community seem determined to spend the majority of their time bemoaning the evolution of systems and services, others are preparing and positioning for it. A case in point is the renewed interest by Cobham in Thrane and Thrane. Despite some rather obscurely-worded press releases (thanks IR [more…]

Inmarsat gets it in the neck (and elsewhere) over price rises

Maritime communications giant Inmarsat is the target for a stinging letter of rebuke from the Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communications (Ammitec), which lists a series of ‘serious objections’ to Inmarsat’s intention to raise its prices from May 1, 2012. The letter, published during the recent DigitalShip Cyprus conference leaves no room [more…]

Imtech signs up as first Global Xpress VAR

Systems integrator Imtech has signed up as the first GX re-seller, marking the start of Inmarsat’s delivery plans for its ambitious global Ka-band VSAT service. More on this to come, but just to note an early lead in the satcoms bingo stakes to Frank Coles for use of ‘game-changing’. See full release below: IMTECH MARINE [more…]

You know it when you see it – how innovation is back on the agenda

Lloyd’s List’s Liz McCarthy was one of the few journalists to give the CMA session on best operational and financial practices a fair crack of the whip. Despite the fact that the organisers had changed the session title, the running order, and the idea behind it, there was still plenty to absorb. If owners are [more…]